WT: Jonathan Tuckett
Jonathan is a 4th Dan level 2 coach for British Taekwondo and former class 2 kyorugi referee. He has been training in Taekwondo for over 18 years which includes 4 years in ITF and 7 years in Mudo Taekwondo alongside WT. He was one of the earliest members of Edinburgh University Taekwondo and before becoming the instructor served as the assistant instructor in the club under national kyorugi coach Kam Dogra (4th Dan). His diverse experience lends to an open and inclusive ethos towards teaching Taekwondo, drawing together new methodologies and the strengths of all varieties of the martial art.

ITF:  Tracey Waddell

Mrs Waddell is a 1st degree Scottish and British Taekwondo champion. She has trained under Mr. Condie (a 6th degree) for six years and has competed in numerous competitions over the years. Currently, Mrs Waddell owns her own club teaching within the TUK.

Committee (2019-2020)

President: Guneet

Vice-President: Quyen

Secretary: Kyoka

Treasurer: Claire

WT Captain: Anna

ITF Captain: Chloe

Social Secretary: Sneha

Publicity Officer: Shona

Health and Safety Officer: Nikki

Kit Officer: Max

Alumni Officer: Eileen